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What Clients Say

As a former NBA basketball player for the New Jersey Nets and Golden State Warriors, I often reflect on the hard work and training I received from Delvin in college as well as the mentoring I received while playing in my pro career. Delvin's game on the court is very strong and he has an even stronger passion for preparing teenagers to make it into college. The character building lessons that he ingrains within them can take them all the way to the pros or those lessons can be transferred towards a different career as well

Brandon Armstrong
Delvin really helped me dominate my high school game and the life skills I learned from him also helped me in college.
Matt O.
I trained with Delvin after my Junior year and my shooting average went from 10 points a game to over 25 points a game. The rigorous training that Delvin provided me develop my character to the extent that I was able to finish college with the soft skills that he taught me off the court and now I am a successful personal trainer in Marin County.
Madeline Schwartz
Im 15 years old and I have been training with Delvin since the 8th grade. Delvin helped me accomplish a critical life goal which was to make the team St. Ignatius and now im continuing my training to earn a basketball scholarship and I am confident that my continued training with Delvin will get me there because he has a proven track record.
Sam Nangle
After training with Delvin I was finally able dominate my game make the team at Mt. Tamalpius High school. I am super excited to continue training with Delvin and earn my way into college.
M Cobb

Delvin really focuses on each person as an individual and evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, designing a work out plan based on your needs. His training provides you with drills you can continue to practice on your own time and techniques you can apply right away in games. I credit Delvin with single handedly developing my handles, getting me to use my off hand and seeing the whole court when dribbling and passing. These skills allowed me to transition from a small post player to a large forward, making me a versatile asset to my College team. While working with Delvin, I increased my free throw and field goal percentage dramatically. I would highly recommend Delvins services.

Liz Virgin